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Where Being A Customer Pays Valuable Dividends



With the Merchants Metals Link to Rewards program, each month brings a new opportunity to earn a $50 Gift Card to one of 12 popular retail and dining options.


Already a Link to Rewards member?

Not enrolled in the program? Please contact your local Merchants Metals sales representative for more information.


Rewards are limited to one per customer account per month and can be redeemed with a single invoice of $2,500 or more, excluding tax. Invoices must be submitted within 90 days from the last day of the purchase month, so don’t let this great opportunity pass you by!


1. Purchase

Purchase $2,500 or more on a single invoice, excluding tax.

2. Enter Invoice

Login to and enter the required invoice information.

3. Choose Your Reward:

Amazon, Applebee’s, Bass Pro Shop, Best Buy, Cabela’s, Chili’s, Darden restaurants, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart.

4. Get Your eGift Card

Once you receive a confirmation email that your request has been approved, the eGift Card will be sent directly to the email address you’ll be asked to verify before entering your claim. The eGift Card will be sent from, so please be sure to add that email address to your safe list so the message is not classified as spam.

If you have not received your eGift Card within 2 business days, please check your spam or junk file.

RESTRICTIONS: Gift cards may not be combined with any other offer. Limit one gift card per customer account per month. No cash value. Proof of purchase made in the same month is required.

Customers must be in good standing at the time of redemption.

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FAQ & Problems

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Downloading Netscape Communicator.

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When I attempt to login, I always receive the ‘There was an error with your login.’ message.

The message returned means that the username and password entered do not pass the authentication scheme setup for your program. Please ensure that the username and password are spelled correctly. If you are sure the username and password are correct, please contact Program Headquarters.

NOTE: Usernames and passwords are CasE sEnSitiVe.

I have forgotton my password, how can get it?

Some programs allow users to have their passwords emailed to the participant. Please check your site’s login page to see if your program supports this function.

If not, please send your inquiries to Program Headquarters.

After I login, all I can see is a blank page.

The situation you are faced with is the result of the following:

  • You have entered a portion of the site that is not viewable with your level of access.

Contact your Program Headquarters (see the Login Page for an email link and/or a phone number) with the following information to remedy the problem:

  • Site address that you are logging into
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  • Your role within your company (eg. Sales Rep, Vice President, etc)

I can login but later I receive ‘There was an error with your login.’ message.

Your situation is caused by one of two things:

  • Your browser does not accept cookies. To enable cookies do the following:
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  • From the View menu (Tools in 5.0), select Internet Options.
  • Under the Security Tab, you need to set, at minimum, a Medium security level.
  • If you use Netscape
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  • Select the Category ‘Advanced’ from the options on the left.
  • From the bottom group of options called ‘Cookies’, select ‘Accept only cookies that get back to the originating server’
  • The current session has “timed-out”. You will be automatically logged out when no activity is detected for a period of fifteen minutes.

Only a part of the page prints.

If the left and/or right margins of the page are “cut-off” (Internet Explorer only): from the File menu, select Page Setup and change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape. If only a section of the page prints, the web page includes “frames”. Frames partition a web page into sections or areas. To print a page that was built with frames please do the following:

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