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We Build Leaders

When you begin your career in the Merchants Metals Management in Training Program, you kick start your future by becoming part of one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fence systems in the nation.

Our fast-paced environment demands high-performing business managers who can assume responsibility and authority at early stages in their career. Merchants Metals is highly committed to sustaining and enhancing our leadership pipeline. We promote this with a carefully structured talent review process, extensive training and continuing education opportunities.

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Our Management in Training Program

As part of our Management in Training program, every day will bring new challenges and opportunities to expand your skill set. You’ll learn our business from the ground up by spending time in every area of the company – including, but not limited to, shipping and receiving, operations, service center financial operations, and sales.

We will pair you up with one of our branch managers who has a distinguished record as an outstanding coach and teacher. Together, you will work to learn what it takes to successfully run one of our multi-million dollar service centers, preparing for the day when that opportunity will arise.

A typical training progression at Merchant Metals is shown below to provide you with an idea of the wide array of functional areas an employee may pursue.