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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Fence


A new fence is a great investment! Fences provide essential security and privacy while significantly enhancing your property’s value and architectural appeal.

To avoid expensive mistakes and ensure your fence’s long-term value, we highly recommend that you do the following before purchase:

  1. Contact your homeowners or neighborhood association and local municipality to learn the rules you and your contractor must work within, including required permits and size / style of fence permitted.
  2. Research and determine your exact property lines before installation. Are there setback rules from the sidewalk that you need to follow? Don’t assume anything if you want to avoid costly rework and even possible litigation! Get professional help to make sure your property boundaries are correctly demarcated.
  3. By all means, let your neighbors know about your fencing plans. Avoid blocking their views if at all possible. A shared fence can be built in cooperation your neighbors, but such agreements need to be in writing.
  4. What purpose(s) will your fence serve? If just to contain a dog, a chain link fence may do. If you need privacy and security, then you’ll want something tall and solid.
  5. What materials will work best for your project needs? Wood fences will never lose their appeal, but vinyl fences are generally lower in maintenance. Ornamental Steel can be very strong, but Ornamental Aluminum can have a longer life span. Pick the material that best suits your taste and overall needs in a fence.
  6. If you’re working with a limited budget, consider having a decorative vinyl or ornamental fence across the front and a chain link product in the back.
  7. To enhance safety and convenience, plan at least two paths into a fenced area. One should be large enough to accommodate outdoor equipment like your lawn mower and large garbage cans. Define your entrances with pathways and decorative elements such as a gate scroll so they can be easily located.
  8. When in doubt, solicit the advice of a landscape architect or professional fencing contractor to optimize your fence’s decorative appeal, including color selection, complementary landscaping and other elements.

To ensure your fence is installed according to the highest standards, please fill out and submit our Find a Contractor Form to find a reliable contractor in your area.